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Lily was raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, where she raised her four wonderful children. Several years ago, after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, they moved to Miami in search of new opportunities and the American dream. Lily has always been a true believer that, regardless of the circumstances in their lives, one must always look at life in a positive way and provide the best Buena Vibra to everyone. 

Buena Vibra Soaps & More, better known as BV Soaps was born in Miami, Florida, in the unprecedented year 2020

Due to the world Covid-19 Pandemic and overnight shutdown of our world, this career driven Office Manager of an international immigration attorney’s firm with worldwide offices in places like Dubai, China, Brazil and the USA had to find her passion and reinvent herself. 

Since her childhood in Puerto Rico, she always had a passion for arts and crafts. Lily and her youngest son, both have delicate skin types, and, the reality is, most commercial products are found to use rather harsh, and unlisted, ingredients in their soaps, shampoos, bath and body products. With this challenge and need, Lily started her journey, learning everything she possibly could about the art of making soap. Day by day, she continues to educate herself, perfecting the BV Soaps process. BV Soaps specialty is the production of cold process soap, with wonderfully nourishing recipes for the skin.

BV Soaps prides itself on developing luxury soaps with great quality ingredients, working with small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

In each and every handcrafted soap, care is taken to minimally use palm oil, almonds, and peanuts, and most of our soaps are vegan.

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